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Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate Peaberry

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The Kimel Estate Peaberry is a high-grown coffee from northeastern Papua New Guinea. Known for being more flavorful than your usual bean, the Kimel Estate Peaberry is believed to have purer coffee essence. This feat is really nothing to wonder about considering the location where it is grown --in high altitude and on rich, volcanic soil-- and the methodology of the farm that grows it.

The Kimel Estate is one of the larger coffee plantations in Papua New Guinea. Developed by its clients from abroad, the farm has its own irrigation system unlike its smaller counterparts in the region. This facility enables the farm to go from harvesting to processing just in one location, helping preserve the integrity of this exquisite coffee and reducing the production’s carbon footprint.

Seemingly designed for dark roasting, the Kimel Estate Peaberry is a dense bean with a one-of-a-kind shape that allows it to roast evenly at high temperatures. This well-balanced, low-acid coffee has citrus notes and a honey-like sweetness which makes it an excellent cold-weather cup.

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