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Find Out How Many Cups Of Coffee You Should Drink Per Day

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 multiple cups of coffee

Today, it seems most of the world runs on coffee, and most likely, it’s the first beverage the majority of Americans drink each day! With this nectar from the coffee fruit being so highly consumed, it’s only natural to ask: How much coffee should we be consuming each day?

For example-- the amount of caffeine

One of the main factors people think about when drinking coffee is caffeine. The acceptable amount for adults is around 400 milligrams/day, which is about 4 cups of black coffee (pregnant women should not exceed half that amount). The overdose amount for caffeine is around 75 cups of coffee, so it seems most avid coffee drinkers are safe! In addition to this, each person’s body processes caffeine differently; therefore, the effects of caffeine will vary accordingly.

How to stop 9 billion K Cups from going to the landfill

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9 billion k cups in the landfill

Continuous use of these K Cups present an impending crisis and subjecting our planet to it is just plain WRONG! Combined with other non recycled plastics, we are emptying tons of cups into the trash with no end in sight.  You have seen news about the current havoc our environment is experiencing from non-recyclable, non-biodegradable k cups and we know you do NOT want to be part of this ever-growing, world-wide problem.

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