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Espresso Jazz! Have You Danced to It Yet?

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First, many mistakenly pronounce or spell espresso incorrectly. The term “eXpresso” is totally wrong. Placing or saying the “x” sound in the word may be common where you are from, but it can be a bit of embarrassment if said around those in the know! Espresso hails from Italy and has spread throughout the coffee-drinking world with at least 26 different variations (not counting those with alcohol)!

The Real Deal on Acid in Coffee

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Have you ever heard a non-coffee drinker say they would drink coffee but for the “bitter” taste? In certain professional circles, coffee also takes a lot of heat for stomach maladies by being branded as an “acidic” drink. Facts are it rates a five on the pH scale, bringing it below common drinks such as soda, beer and even orange juice! When we study the chemistry of coffee, we quickly see a complex array of compounds that shed light on what is really meant by words commonly attached to this mistakenly maligned beverage.

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